Web Design & Development: Custom Solutions for EVERY Organisation

Web Design & Development: Custom Solutions for EVERY Organisation

In the 20+ years that Brickweb has been established, we have designed, built and implemented hundreds of effective web solutions for our diverse portfolio of clients. By working closely with each client on an individual basis, we consistently deliver a world-class service that has resulted in an impressive reputation that we continue to build upon.

The Brickweb team is composed of experienced, dedicated professionals who have displayed exceptional skills in their respective fields. Our suite of custom web platforms is extensive and includes reliable solutions for all kinds of organisations and businesses.

Custom E-Commerce Websites

The e-commerce landscape is massive and ultra-competitive. Brickweb creates and maintains premium-quality e-commerce websites that give our clients a crucial edge over their competitors. Visitors to e-commerce websites from Brickweb enjoy a thoroughly contemporary experience: fast loading times are guaranteed thanks to state-of-the-art HTTP compression, every device is supported and products are displayed to their very best potential with our creative design services. Request our free, easy-to-understand website audit to see how your current website is performing and for details of how it could be improved by Brickweb

The Brick Factory

The latest innovation from Brickweb is the Brick Factory, a secure cloud portal aimed at those working in the fast-growing print-on-demand market. Providing a way to manage every aspect of a merchandising factory with rapid simplicity, the Brick Factory comprises an extensive suite of features that save users precious time and money while simultaneously improving and enhancing the experience of your customers. Major accounting systems and stores can be seamlessly integrated into the Brick Factory and an advanced AI module is also available. Get in touch with Brickweb today to request a free demonstration.

Event Booking and Exhibition Management Systems

Anyone working in the field of exhibition management and event booking knows just how complex and time-consuming it can be. Brickweb can provide specialised systems to take all the hard work off your hands. Our event booking and exhibition management web platforms allow simplicity. effective management of all key aspects from allowing bookings and selling tickets to defining custom rules. You can also use the platform to generate extra income by selling event-specific merchandise. Every detail is safely stored so that future bookings can be made with even more efficiency. 

Hospice and Healthcare Management Systems

All aspects of hospice and healthcare management can be effectively controlled using our specialised systems. Donations can be made quickly and securely and custom event pages can be easily created. You can also provide things like volunteer application forms for your visitors.

Recruitment Management Systems

Recruitment management is another field that can involve many complex logistics that take up a lot of your time. With a custom web platform from Brickweb, you can manage the whole thing with ease, from posting vacancy details and allowing applicant subscription for new job alerts to creating real-time CV and job databases that can be fully integrated with those you already have in-house.

Find out more about custom web solutions from Brickweb on our website, where you can also find access to existing solutions that we have successfully provided to our clients.

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