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The Brick Factory

Run your entire merchandising factory in real-time from your smartphone, tablet or desktop in or out of your office from the dynamic workflow solution.

Manage your channel sales from one simple, secure control centre.
Create & Design products that you or your customers can personalise instantly.
Print on Demand Instant technology Direct to Garment with real-time business automation!

Fulfil orders and drop-ship

Clothing products. Screen Print. DTG
Create & Design. Choose from thousands of supplier's products, add your own. designs from your gallery or simply let your customers design their own merchandise.
Print & Produce. Orders get passed into your workflow, DTG, DTF, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Cut & Sew and other processes. Your files are sent directly to your printer (all major print manufacturers).
Orders Management App
Fulfil & Deliver. Multi-processed orders are automatically sent to accounting, quality assurance, shipping labels printed, and postage system integrated and despatched.
Create your products

Create your products

Integrate with garment and product supplier's databases and inventories, giving you the choice of thousands of products, or create new products for DTG, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sublimation and Cut & Sew. Link them to your customer's stores and apps for Shopify, Etsy, WordPress WooCommerce, TikTok, Amazon, eBay and all major e-Commerce platforms. We also integrate unique stores (Using the API/CSV integration tool). Define your brand with custom labels and add them to products. There is the ability to specify custom pricing, and you can easily use the same design on a whole set of products!



e-Commerce Marketplace integrations. Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Squarespace, WIX, TikTok, BigCommerce, Weebly, Amazon, Big Cartel, eBay, Magento, WordPress, NOTHS, 3dcart and custom integration with our Brick API solution.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, BigCartel and other integrations


Realistic photos and print-ready design files

You'll apply designs effortlessly to almost any product and get realistic photos for your online shop. The Brick Factory automatically produces ready to print design files and mock-ups.

Realistic previews and downloadable mockups

An actual mockup file, created by one of our clients using The Brick Factory.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories

Your artwork will look like a high definition photograph of the finished garment. It will show creases on the garment, colours, highlights and shadows.
Mugs, Chopping Boards and bespoke

Mugs, Chopping Boards and bespoke products

You can display lots of different merchandise on your website to be personalised, fulfilled and drop-shipped.
Embroidered Products

Embroidered Products

Any processes your business supports, including embroidery, screen printing, DTG, DTF, or sublimation. Or even multiple methods for the same product.
The same design on product sets

The same design on product sets

Use the same design over multiple products; once your customer or yourself have created or uploaded the design, it can be applied to any product from your inventory, meaning visitors can choose more items from the shop.


Customer's brand and bespoke labels

Your customers can add labels to their garments and assign which products to produce, with or without tags and in what positions.

Customer's brand and bespoke labels
Branded labels

Branded labels

You or your customers easily upload their own branded labels for garments and products.
Customised notes

Customised notes

Each user quickly brands customised packing slips and delivery notes. This repeated process is automated.
Customised notes

Swing tags

Within the workflow is the ability to print off swing tags with your end client’s logos, giving them that finishing touch.


Brand shipping notes using white labelling and the packages too, through your packing slips and now through customisable parcel stickers.
Designer Module

Designer Module

Drag and drop, upload or choose from a gallery or a combination of all methods. Our state of the art designer is fast and simple to use.

The designer also understands print areas and will alert the user to any low-quality items or advise that the design falls outside the print area. Scale, tilt, choose the opaqueness. The choices are endless!

icon base features

Base Features

Upload new designs or choose from previous creations.

Preview and download product photographs. Smart hints for the print quality, print area and image size are displayed.

You can add template files for each product.

Base Features

Upload your own images

Super-fast uploads are stored for future use or to populate other products.

Choose from your designs

You can populate a customer's library, or they can create and upload their own set of designs.

Preview products

Instantly preview the created product design (mock-up); this allows users to share via social media or send a proof/mock-up to their end customer.

Download mock-ups

Final images of the created products can be downloaded in all major formats; for example, you may want electronic signatures from clients regarding the proof.
icon advanced features

Advanced Features

Add text. Edit size, position, align, re-order images and texts.

Edit the font, colour, spacing and curve texts. Smart hints for print quality, altering the print area and image sizes and many more advanced features.

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Advanced Features

Add text

Easily add text to designated areas.

Edit text colour

Quickly change the text colouring with a click.

Spacing and curve

Space and curve texts and experiment in real-time.

Text align

Re-align text with a simple mouse-over.

Edit size and rotate

Click in and instantly rotate and change size.


Change the order of images and text boxes.


Simple alignment tool.


Copy the design and save time for more designs.
Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Business process automation — a world-class orders processing system with custom workflows for each product and process type, pre-defined actions for each person's workplace, a 'factory dashboard' to show the whole workflow in real-time with order processing statistics and alerts for any critical issues. The complete solution for processing incoming orders from receiving an order, reviewing and checking the artwork, delegate printing methods, quality assurance, packaging, postage/­shipping labels, getting reviews, refunding, replacing, and much more! A turnkey system that will save you time, personnel and money.

icon workflow automation

Order preparation and automating production

The workflow system optimises and automates order processing by putting each order into its specific flow.

Order preparation and automating production

New Order Received

The system receives a new order from one of your integrated customers.

Production Flow

Corresponding workflow journeys are selected based on product type and production methods like screen print, embroidery, DTG, DTF and more.

Product stock check

Products of each order are checked for availability if needed — more products ordered from the supplier if required, and the system shows you are waiting for stock to come in.

Product allocated

The products are picked, scanned and individually placed into the flow.

Product Produced

Each part of the order is produced depending upon the type of product and the process, i.e. DTG, DTF, Cut and Sew, Embroidery, Sublimation, Screenprinting and more.

Packed and Shipped

The order items come together and are picked, packed and shipped.
Drop Shipping

Drop-Shipping System

Your customers will love the ability for their orders to be personally shipped, packaged and labelled.

The Brick Factory shipping system allows you to personalise every dispatch, no matter how big or small.

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