Custom Solutions: Hospice & Healthcare Websites

Here at Brickweb, we specialise in creating world-class custom web solutions for all kinds of businesses and organisations. Whatever the website is designed to promote, we aim to make it highly visible and to function perfectly, giving visitors a contemporary, rewarding and successful experience every time. We also ensure that the website operator has access to powerful, user-friendly features to manage their website effectively and efficiently.

One of the custom web solutions we deliver is to hospices and other healthcare establishments. We have successfully created websites for several organisations in this field. Our hospice and healthcare websites offer many useful features, some of which are showcased in this edition of the Brickweb blog.

A significant proportion of hospices and healthcare organisations rely on donations to raise much-needed funds. With a Brickweb custom website, you can offer visitors the ability to securely make such donations online and you're also able to carry out the complex process of managing these donations all in one place.

You can also use our custom websites to create pages for various events related to your organisation. Whether it's a hospice event, challenge event, supporter's event, fundraising campaign or anything else, you can create custom application forms and set prices and any other options for each event. The events can be grouped by type for ease of reference.

If the event is to be repeated, you can manage this easily by providing information common to each event. On the event page, you can list the next date the event will take place and can specify any custom details like dates and locations.

Many hospices and healthcare organisations employ volunteers and it is crucial that potential volunteers can easily apply. With Brickweb custom websites, you can provide volunteer application forms online and then process them as required.

You can limit access to certain sections of the website depending on the type of website user. For example, different sections of the website can be limited to visitors, trustees or staff members, helping you to keep sensitive information private and secure.

Find out more about custom hospice and healthcare solutions on the Brickweb website, where you can also read testimonials from our existing clients in this field. For further information, please get in touch with our dedicated team.

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