Texprint: A Print on Demand Success Story

The COVID-19 pandemic had many devastating effects on our lives but not all of the impacts were negative. One of the beneficial results was a massive growth in e-commerce and this was especially noticeable in the custom-printing sector, which reached a global market value of around £4 billion by the end of 2021.

Though many facets of the e-commerce boom levelled off post-pandemic, this was not the case for the print on demand market, which continued (and indeed continues) on its steep upward trajectory. The aforementioned £4 billion figure was hugely impressive at the time but it is absolutely dwarfed by predictions for how much it will grow by the time the current decade is over.

Extrapolating from current data, Straits Research has forecast a massive 26% year-on-year CAGR for the global print on demand market, culminating in an unprecedented value of £32.4 billion by 2030. 

Naturally, the number of companies offering custom print services has continued to grow in line with demand. The Brick Factory, Brickweb's groundbreaking business automation tool designed expressly for the print on demand industry, has proved to be the ideal way for these companies to manage their merchandising factories in a powerful, intuitive and ultimately lucrative way.


Launched in the UK, The Brick Factory quickly gained interest from print on demand companies from overseas, who saw its vast potential to bring them lasting success. One of these companies is Texprint.

logo Texprint

Texprint, headquartered in the beautiful ancient forests of Småland in Sweden, is a business that has been involved in the print on demand industry since 2009.

Owned and run by a team of family members, Texprint prides itself on its dedication to quality and its close control over every aspect of the business; these elements have allowed Texprint to build up an impressive reputation among its customers and this has been further enhanced by its adoption of The Brick Factory.

stanleystella_logoThough the print on demand industry is by its very nature a sustainable one — it only creates clothes to order and it uses less power and water than other clothing manufacture methods — Texprint goes several steps further in order to meet its sustainability goals and adhere to its ethos of reducing environmental impacts.

One of these steps involves sourcing garments from environmentally conscious suppliers such as the globally renowned Stanley/Stella brand.

print-on-demandTexprint is an approved distributor of Stanely/Stella garments, which are produced in line with the brand's charter. This detailed document encompasses numerous relevant aspects, such as only using materials that are certified by organisations like the Global Organic Textile Standard, OEKO-TEX®, the Global Recycle Standard, the Fair Wear Foundation and the Organic Cotton Standard.

To create custom-printed garments and accessories, Texprint utilise cutting-edge Kornit printers.

As well as allowing the company to offer prints of superlative quality in terms of durability and visual appearance, Kornit printers are another way in which Texprint ensure that their business is eco-friendly.

The state-of-the-art printers incorporate a unique water-saving system and use a specially-developed ink called NeoPigment™. Fully biodegradable and non-toxic, water-based NeoPigment™ contains no heavy metals or dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde or alkylphenol ethoxylates.

We caught up with Oskar and Pär, the owners of Texprint, to ask them three key questions about their decision to choose The Brick Factory.

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favicon BrickwebWhy did you invest in The Brick Factory?

favicon TexprintWe searched for a print on demand solution for a long time, and when we found The Brick Factory we instantly knew that we wanted it and that it would suit our needs. With such a great portfolio of brands that use The Brick Factory we also knew that we were in good hands.

favicon BrickwebHow did you find the whole production process?

favicon TexprintThe production process was smooth and easy with great support from the development department. It was easy to follow the different steps and where we were in the process with the use of planning tools.

favicon BrickwebHow has The Brick Factory improved the running of your business?

favicon TexprintThe Brick Factory has helped us in many ways. First of all, it has helped us to expand our customer base and will continue to do so! It has also helped us in being more effective at each printing station with all print files just one click away. Lastly, The Brick Factory has helped us with the quality of our services: not one product have been wrongly delivered.

Brickweb is extremely proud to provide The Brick Factory to Texprint, as indeed we are to all of the many other clients who have chosen us for this purpose. Our client base continues to grow, expanding across the globe as demand for print on demand services increases exponentially. 

If you are considering becoming part of the dynamic and rapidly-growing print on demand sector or if you are already established and want to enhance and streamline your array of services, then we urge you to find out more about The Brick Factory. To do this, you can read details of the revolutionary turnkey solution on our website, browse our dedicated blog and visit the websites of some of our other Brick Factory clients


The next step is to arrange a demonstration of The Brick Factory, which is provided without charge or obligation and lasts around one hour. It could be the most productive hour you have ever spent. What have you got to lose? Spoiler alert: NOTHING! So please get in touch with us today to book your demo. 

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