E-Commerce News: TikTok Shopping Shows No Signs of Stopping!

For any business, it is crucial that it first establishes and then builds on its digital presence. E-commerce websites used to be enough but those days are long gone; while a modern, attractive and fully-functioning website remains at the heart of any e-commerce operation, it becomes increasingly important to be visible across a variety of other platforms.

A new report from freelance services marketplace Fiverr has found that digital services saw the biggest increase in demand during the past six months and that TikTok was 'leading the way' for a significant proportion of UK e-commerce businesses.

Fiverr's Spring 2024 Business Trends Index analysed several million inquiries and found that the search term 'TikTok Video Ads' had experienced a 150% increase among businesses seeking to strengthen their presence online. The research also found that there had been a massive 520% increase in retail searches for the term 'TikTok Shop'. 

Commenting on these unprecedented increases, Fiverr's UK Manager Bukki Adedapo said: "While marketing on social media is nothing new, it’s notable that platforms that began as vehicles for entertainment have evolved to become marketplaces where businesses sell products directly to customers on top of trying to maximise their online presence.”

In related news, TikTok has announced its intention to expand its e-commerce activities across continental Europe, offering the opportunity to beta-test the TikTok Shop platform to selected merchants in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. This follows the successful introduction of TikTok Shop here in the UK; Brick technology was extremely proud to be one of the first TikTok Shop partners.

In December 2023 (the most recent month for which accurate data is currently available), TikTok Shop boasted in excess of 15 million sellers, with 6 million of these being added in the year's second half. TikTok's worldwide GMV (gross merchandise value) for 2023 stood at around £15.7 billion; by the end of 2024, the platform aims to reach a GMV of over £39 billion and looks to be well on track to achieve it.

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