Your Company + The Brick Factory: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Among all of the many things achieved by human beings, the most remarkable have come to fruition as the result of collaboration. When we work together, we are capable of literally making dreams come true. If your dream is to be a big success in the rapidly-expanding print on demand sector then you need to choose your teammates carefully, based on their proven skills, talent and dedication.

Since Brickweb was established in 1995, we have been providing consistently-excellent e-commerce experiences to our clients, utilising the latest technologies to propel them to success after success. Today, our cherry-picked team consists of expert designers, developers, programmers, coders, marketers, writers and analysts who work closely with one another to deliver a comprehensive, world-class suite of services.

Each and every one of our clients is guaranteed to receive the highest quality of service in line with our Customer Care principles. These include:

  • Always maintaining a professional, friendly and respectful attitude towards clients and their businesses
  • Providing immediate access to the most relevant member of our team when information or assistance is required 
  • Offering multi-lingual support and ensuring that the terms we use are clear, concise and easily understood
  • Responding as quickly as possible to any communications, with 24 hours being the maximum response time
  • Continual monitoring of our operations and services with the aim of improving these wherever and whenever possible
  • Liaising directly with clients to ensure that the services we provide are meeting the unique requirements of each individual client
  • Offering opportunities for clients to provide feedback which will subsequently be used to improve existing services and develop new ones

In response to the unprecedented growth of the print on demand and custom merchandise market, the innovative team at Brickweb have designed and developed a unique business automation tool which we call The Brick Factory. Cloud-based and accessible in real-time from any internet-enabled device 24 hours a day, The Brick Factory offers users an infinitely-powerful way to manage every aspect of their operation.

The Brick Factory can be seamlessly integrated with a host of other platforms, from major e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, TikTok and Shopify to many big-name suppliers. A state-of-the-art Design Studio allows users to create an infinite variety of designs; these can be applied to any type of product which, when automatically produced, will be quickly and reliably drop-shipped to the customer. All of these processes are handled by The Brick Factory, giving you and your customers complete confidence in your business.

If you want to team up with Brickweb and The Brick Factory, the best place to start is by reading the articles in our dedicated blog. Your next step is to get in touch with us to arrange a free demonstration of The Brick Factory. Ready to make the dream work? Then let's get going!

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