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Our commitment to you

In order to meet our ambition to provide "World Class" service we maintain the following principles.
We will provide a professional and friendly service to you and your staff
We will be friendly, helpful and polite
We will treat you and your business with respect
If you phone us you will speak to knowledgeable Brick team member who is there to help. We will make information easy to find and easy to understand and offer service in several languages.
We offer a range of ways in which you can find information via your control centre
Brick's Promise
We will engage with you to ensure the language we use is clear and easily understood.
We will aim to deal with you quickly and accurately all commu­nica­tions are responded to within 24 hours
We will continue to look at our processes to ensure we deliver the best possible service to you
We will develop our services with you in mind
We will continue to ask you if our services respond to your needs
We will provide opportunities for you to provide feedback on our service
We will develop new services to support you
And if anything does go wrong we will work with you to resolve the matter
Brick technology have a formal complaints process ensuring that your are satisfied with the outcome and we learn from the experience
Maria Smith
Brick UK