Top Ten Web Design Disasters

Your are at the stage of designing a website, or maybe someone like Brick technology web design, Lancashire is doing it for you. Either way it is very important that you avoid making these simple mistakes along the design process stage.

1. Creative Overload

You open the website and all you can see is a wish wash of imagery, colour, and non-standardised text, extensive use of imagery. Often the mistake of a web design beginner who makes a right mess whilst trying to prove themselves as creative.

2. Click Click!

Having to click through extensive pages before reaching the product that they are ultimately searching for is not only irritating but you can end up losing them as a visitor because they choose to go elsewhere where they can have the product they want in just a couple of clicks.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

During all stages of the design, search engine optimisation of pages should be integrated into the plan. This can help you reach your goals as the various pages are already to go once the site is launched.

4. 404 Error?

Broken links, one of the most disappointing things for a visitor of a website, not only does it leave a bad impression to visitors but it can cause a loss in sales. The biggest impact it that search engines will be unable to list your page if it contains any broken links.

5. Inconsistent typography

Another huge turn off is when the font style, size and even colour constantly keeps on changing and is not consistent. If you chose to have your homepage in Times New Roman, grey and size 12 then all the pages that lead off from this should be in the same text format.

6. High loading time

Often occurring when there are just too many images, graphics or the use of flash, Brick technology always ensure that our loading times are fast and tend to stay away from the use of flash as it is not compatible in all browsers. Nicely bringing us onto our next point!

7. Browser compatibility

As there are many browsers in use today it is important to make sure that your website is compatible with these. Conducting a browser compatibility test of your website is a great way of seeing your website in different browsers. Brick technology web designs are compatible within the most highly used browsers as well as mobile technologies too!

8. Wrong choice of colours

Colours which are load and contrasting can really ruin the look of a website, having loads of white on a website can be off putting unless of course it is a ski or snow website. Using light backgrounds with dark text makes it easier for people to read rather than having dark backgrounds with brightly coloured text. Just watch out for using too many colours when carrying out web design.

9. Contact details missing

So you have a website in place now, a beautiful web design but you have no contact details on there, why? There is absolutely no point in having the website if visitors to it cannot contact you. Or if your contact details are out of date! People need to be able to get in touch with you so always make sure these are in place and more importantly kept up to date.

10. Content, Content and more content!

The important issue to note here is that content plays a key role within your website. Having content that is fresh and interesting can really make visitors not only want to visit your site and buy from it but also to come back for more! This content needs to be unique, see our article on "Broken Old Record" for more details about the importance of compelling content.

Avoid these mistakes and start to enjoy a strong presence on the web. Brick technology web design can help you to create a web design which is capable of some really fantastic things! Our team is alert and highly experienced providing you with leading edge web development and marketing solutions. Your website from Brick will deliver fresh and exciting content. Contact us now for more information.

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