Call to action through web design

In the transition from 2010 to 2011 we have seen more changes concerning Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design – with the emergence of new smart phones kick starting the change in how we access the web this can only mean that there will be an introduction of not only new technologies but also new, innotative ways of creating fantastic web designs.

We now have a need for our websites to be not only user friendly but we need them to be search engine friendly as well! The relationship between web design and search engine optimisation is one which is getting stronger and stronger.

The main goal for Brick technology web design is for our client’s websites to be the best they can be, to start by increasing online visibility. A main point to focus on is by trying to trigger call-to-action!

Triggering Use of Call-to-Action

Whether you send out an email, a newsletter or interact with a site visitor through web content on your news page you are ultimately attempting to persuade this visitor to complete whatever call to action you may have. It is important to notice that not every business has the same call to action; calls to action on the web are very different according to the products and services you provide.

Users fall into two groups, those that do follow the call to action and those that don’t. Those that do – then great whether they purchase something at your checkout, or subscribe to a newsletter make sure that you take hold of the opportunity.

Add the user to a list – capture their email address. The usual issue arises; make sure that news and events are up to date so that you can take this email address adding it to subscribers and then send them monthly or weekly newsletters.

Talking about newsletters, make sure that once you have these qualitative customers you queue follow up messages. Now this does not mean spamming them every minute of the day, but why not maybe every month sends a special offer. Maybe send a discount offer after being a subscriber for a year, two years.

Through our Brick technology control centre, you have the features right at your fingertips to be able to easily create newsletters, send out sms, easily create a subscriber list and what is more, all these features are not only easy to use but they look the professional and creative too!

Our Internet Marketing team can work closely with you and with this amount of support you can rest assured that your website will be in good hands at our web design office, Lancashire. Contact us now, speak to us about our Internet Marketing services.

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