Print on Demand: Have A Custom Christmas!

Print on Demand: Have A Custom Christmas!

Christmas is not far away and the annual festive shopping spree is already in full swing. Companies working in the field of print on demand, especially those offering direct to garment services, are experiencing some of the highest demand for products as consumers seek out unique, individual gifts for their loved ones. The good news is that this demand is only set to become greater, as evidenced by several studies and surveys.

HP, an undisputed giant in the technology industry, commissioned detailed research into the market for personalised products. A key result of this research was that the market is predicted to turn over a massive £24 BILLION by the end of 2021, representing an increase of 55% in the space of just four years. The study also found that 70% of consumers would happily pay at least 10% more for a customised item.

A report entitled 'Next Generation Personalized Printed Products' was compiled by InfoTrends, which is recognised as being the leading market research company in the world. The compilers concluded that the market for custom-printed products is set to 'continue to experience strong growth over the coming years.

Deloitte, a global network for professional services, conducted a study that revealed one-fifth of online buyers would be willing to pay up to 20% more for a custom-printed product. The same study found that almost 50% of customers would put up with longer delivery times for personalised items.

Companies offering print on demand services will well know just how complex and time-consuming it is to successfully and efficiently run such an operation. Brickweb designed the Brick Factory to offer a reliable, effective turnkey solution for these companies, helping them to get that vital edge over their many competitors.

The Brick Factory is a secure, powerful cloud portal that allows print on demand companies to manage all aspects of their operation in real-time from any internet-capable device. Workflow can be streamlined and your business integrated with big-name stores and suppliers, as well as top-class accounting systems.

Brickweb invites you to experience a free demonstration of the Brick Factory, in which we will show you all of the system's many features and explain how it could transform your print on demand company. Contact us today to book yours!

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