Over Half of North-West Businesses to Invest in E-Commerce

Over Half of North-West Businesses to Invest in E-Commerce

The results of a new survey by Manchester marketplace agency Digitl show that 56% of businesses in the north-west plan to invest in their e-commerce capabilities this year. Of these businesses, 88% said that they were 'confident of growth'.

Digitl sought the opinions of 250 businesses working in the tech, property, professional service and retail sectors, aiming to gain insights into how these companies have utilised e-commerce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other findings of the survey included:

  • A massive 78% of businesses had increased their use of e-commerce since the pandemic began
  • 55% of businesses surveyed chose to use external marketplaces to increase sales, with more than eight in ten choosing Amazon. Three quarters of respondents said that using an external marketplace had been a 'considerable factor' in helping them to weather the crisis
  • 48% of service-based firms had increased their ability to deliver online transactions
  • 88% of companies believed that they would experience growth this year, with the majority predicting upturns of between 15% and 25%

Commenting on the survey, Digitl's founder Darren Ratcliffe said: "2020 was an unprecedented year. This survey shows that many North West businesses thought on their feet, adapted and realised why investing in eCommerce is key if they want to not just survive COVID but thrive after it."

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