E-Commerce Websites from Brick: Built for Success!

E-Commerce Websites from Brick: Built for Success!

Anyone trying to succeed in today's online marketplace will know all too well just how crowded and competitive it is. Internet shoppers are becoming ever more discerning and even the slightest perceived issue with an e-commerce website can immediately result in them abandoning it for a different one. This means that every aspect of a website and the customer journey taken thereon has to be nothing less than perfect.

In the 25+ years that Brickweb has been established, we have built (and indeed continue to build on) an impressive track record of developing, building and maintaining e-commerce websites of a superlative standard, giving our clients a crucial competitive edge online.

Custom e-commerce websites from Brickweb are created using the proprietary BrickCMS, a unique and powerful system created by our standard-setting team. The BrickSMS is completely and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple, Watson and Azure technologies, as well as the most cutting-edge core CRMs such as ZOHO.

The BrickCMS provides operators of e-commerce websites with a responsive, reactive and personalised control centre, which allows for complete control of the online operation. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the coding is 100% valid and accurate, optimising every aspect in real time.

Selling goods and services online means that it is possible to reach a global audience, dramatically increasing your potential for successful growth. E-commerce websites created by Brickweb facilitate this process by providing multi-currency and multilingual support, as well as being integrated with all of the many payment systems used across the globe.

One thing that can immediately put a potential customer off making a purchase is the '404 NOT FOUND' page; clicking on a link that results in this page being displayed gives an extremely bad impression of your business. With a Brickweb website, any click on a dead URL will autodirect visitors to a relevant new page or indeed any page specified by you using integral custom redirect lists.

Slow loading times are another key problem that results in visitors immediately abandoning a website. ISP giant Fasthosts carried out a study which found that more than 50% of online shoppers in the UK abandoned a planned purchase because of a slow loading time. The study also found that websites which load slowly represent more than £60bn in lost sales every year.

By using cutting-edge HTTP compression along with pre- and post-check caching, our e-commerce websites always load quickly and completely on any device. We also work constantly to optimise website content, which also keeps loading speeds high.

You can find out more about our premium-quality e-commerce solutions on the Brickweb website. If you already have a website, you can request a detailed audit from Brickweb to see how well (or not!) it is currently performing; the audit is provided free of charge and obligation with our compliments.

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