Custom Web Platforms: Healthcare & Hospice Websites

Custom Web Platforms: Healthcare & Hospice Websites

In the modern era, every type of business and organisation needs to have an internet presence. At Brickweb, our speciality is creating and maintaining websites for a diverse array of different purposes, each of which is designed to best serve the needs of the organisation while presenting it to visitors in the best possible light.

This is the first in a new series of blog articles which will look more closely at some of the different types of web platform offered by Brickweb. We begin with a showcase of our hospice and healthcare websites.

Financial donations are the lifeblood of many hospices and healthcare establishments; indeed, many such organisations could not exist in their current form without such generosity. A custom Brickweb website can help to vastly increase the number of charitable donations by allowing visitors to make payments directly online, safe in the knowledge that their sensitive data is protected. In addition, the complex and time-consuming process of managing donations is made much easier, with all of the details in one place and close to hand.

It is not only donations of money that hospices and healthcare establishments rely on: many such organisations employ voluntary workers who give up their free time to provide crucial assistance. Potential volunteers thus deserve a fast, easy application process and a Brickweb custom website can provide that very thing in the form of online application forms. These can then be quickly processed by the website operator.

Special events are another way in which hospices and healthcare organisations can raise vital funds. Custom websites from Brickweb allow the user to easily create unique pages for specific events such as fundraisers, lotteries, coffee mornings, sports events or indeed anything else. The user is able to create application forms and set prices or any other options as required. All events can be grouped by type to make management more efficient

Some events take place on a regular basis and our websites make this much easier to organise. Information that is common to each event is provided and a dedicated events page can be quickly edited with new dates and/or locations.

Hospices and healthcare organisations need to store private information about individual people and it is essential that such information is kept secure. Our websites allow operators to precisely limit who can access website sections that contain sensitive information.

The very best endorsements of our custom websites for hospices and healthcare organisations comes from our existing clients. Comments include:

  • "The website has made a massive difference to [our] fundraising."
  • "Very happy with the site, easy to use and excellent support." 
  • "The system allows us to instantly update events and the lottery results." Hospice
  •  "The fact people can donate online has made a big difference to our donations. The website is easy to find all the information our visitors need." 

You can find out more details about our custom hospice and healthcare websites, along with information about our comprehensive suite of services and solutions, on the Brickweb website.

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