Cyber Essentials: A Safe Online Experience

Cyber Essentials: A Safe Online Experience

The problem of cyber crime is extremely serious and so ensuring that websites and the systems that drive them are as safe as possible is of paramount importance. Brick Technology is committed to improving online safety to protect our customers and their clients and is now officially accredited by Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials is a scheme backed by the UK government that is designed to ensure that a company has first identified and assessed all of the relevant requirements for online security before implementing a robust level of protection against cyber attacks. To achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation, Brick Technology was required to show that we have completed the following five key steps:

  1. Data Access Control. Access to sensitive and private online data, such as customer addresses and payment details, must be strictly controlled with the use of secure user accounts
  2. Firewall Usage. Every device, especially those that are used to connect to public wifi networks, must be protected with an up-to-date firewall
  3. Relevant and Secure Software Usage. We only use necessary apps, software and accounts in our work
  4. Continual Updates. Every device and the software they use must always be completely contemporary, updated with the very latest versions and patches. This eliminates dangerous gaps in security
  5. Malware Protection. Brick Technology always use the correct anti-virus protection and provide evidence of this to the Cyber Essentials scheme

Brick Technology's accreditation with the Cyber Essentials schemes demonstrates that the websites and mobile apps we provide to our clients are as safe as they can be, protecting both the client and their customers. Clients can inform their customers that their websites and mobile apps are thus accredited, helping to enhance their profile and brand and showing that their company takes cyber crime seriously.

More details about the Cyber Essentials scheme can be found in a recent Brick Technology blog article. If you need further information or advice, get in touch with our skilled team directly.

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