Writing Compelling News Headlines

Getting numerous visitors to your site is one thing but are they quality visitors who actually want to be on your site or do they simply come in and bounce straight back out resulting in a high bounce rate?

This means that users come in have a quick nosey around and then decide that your website really isn’t for them and so they exit almost immediately.

One of the easiest methods to get visitors to stay on your site and have them journey on into the deeper pages within your website is through regular content with engaging headlines. Content is a great way of engaging with your website visitors, offering them an insight into your company and making them feel unique – like you care about them personally. It is this engagement which makes them feel at ease as if you almost like a friend.

Now you may not feel like a journalist, but compelling headlines are what is needed! You know your business better than anyone and you know the types of people that you wish to target. Compelling headlines are easy to write when you know how to, Brick technology web design have some top tips for you to consider when thinking about a headline for a news story.

Firstly and the most importantly is to ensure that the headline is easy to read and straight to the point because our eyes move that quickly we tend to avoid lengthy headlines which simply seem like too much effort.

Example: “Top tips for tilling bedding areas”, rather than “How to turn over your garden bedding areas using a Toyota motorised tiller”

Overpowering advertisement, this is the type of image that you need to ensure you are not conveying to your visitors. Having spent the majority of our daily life being bombarded by various advertising messages we don’t want to be searching the web to be further bombarded because we will just turn off. Rather than trying to ram your products and services down the throats of every user like many of the over excited salespeople simply offer to visitor’s information which seems invaluable to them.

Example: “Top tips for laying your turf”, rather than “Amazing turf for the perfect lawn”

Think positive and forget the negative, you have heard the time old saying so instead of hard hitting visitors with cold, empty facts concerning your product or service then try look at the wider picture. Think about what the particular product or service could do for them – what problem it would provide a solution for.

Example: “Never have frizzy hair again”, rather than “Straightners proven to keep frizz at bay”

One final tip is to always remember subheadings can be really effective too! This offers to the reader that little bit more information about your particular product or service at a quick glance without the need for in depth scanning which could well be a waste of their time and effort.

Example: “Mobile Phone” with sub heading “make calls, text and browse the internet as well as taking pictures so memories are never forgotten”, rather than “Mobile Phone” and no subheading

If you follow some of our simple tips, compelling headlines will soon be items you can write without even thinking about it! For more information then contact us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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