What Does the Landing Page Say About YOU?

What Does the Landing Page Say About YOU?

Time for a spring clean? Let’s get back to basics and start with your landing page. Make your first impression count for more with Brick.

The perfect website should effortlessly and seamlessly combine a wide range of different information about the product or service it provides. A website visitor should know exactly what the business does from the moment they reach the site and should then be able to quickly and easily find further information. The landing page is the first thing your visitor sees and therefore the first link in a chain that hopefully ends in a successful conversion; don't let it be a weak link

Perhaps the most important rule for a landing page is that it is eye-catching and attractive whilst being clear and concise. A strong banner headline and photograph or artwork relating to the business can hook a customer in from the beginning, encouraging them deeper into the website. Clear, well-displayed links to useful information then give a user a feeling of control and enable them to quickly find information relevant to their prospective purchase.

After the landing page has served its purpose and attracted a visitor to read further, they will access pages that detail the product or service on offer in more detail. It must be remembered that there are generally two kinds of visitors to a webpage: the customer who knows they wish to buy from the company but needs extra information before completing the purchase and the customer who has not yet made up his or her mind whether to make a purchase from the site at all. For this reason, it is important that web pages can be skimmed over quickly but still provide enough detail at the same time.

Managing these two very different customer types can be a difficult matter so it is important that content is created in a professional way and kept updated to reflect the latest trends. Once a customer has decided to make a purchase, it is of paramount importance that they feel able to make an online payment in a secure manner. The problem of cybercrime is growing as quickly as the public's awareness of it so providing this service to a customer is essential and can be the deciding factor on whether or not a purchase is made.

Brickweb custom web design provide all of these services and more to a large number of diverse clients. Our expert team of designers, writers and technicians are constantly trained in cutting-edge technologies and work directly with our clients to provide dynamic content, creating attractive, easily-navigable and successful websites. With regular focused meetings and 24-hour technical support provided to clients as standard, our web design company and digital agency in Lancashire provides a world-class service and maintains an enviable reputation for creating professional internet marketing solutions.

For more information on how Brickweb can facilitate your creation of a stylish, informative and ultimately lucrative website, please contact a member of our team who will expertly guide you through the many options available.

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