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Our diverse client portfolio continues to grow as we welcome Ralspeed Motor Control Systems, a company based right here in Blackburn, Lancashire. The company have chosen to fully upgrade their online presence by joining Brickweb, opening up to them new markets and offering several opportunities for growth.

Ralspeed serve a specialist market, supplying soft-start units, braking modules and variable speed drives to a selection of industries. Established in 1989, the company has grown and evolved in many ways, supplying new markets and building on its reputation for quality and cost-effectiveness. Since 2007, Ralspeed have been operating from a high-tech facility in Blackburn which incorporates a full panel workshop to complement their comprehensive range of motor control solutions, many of which are manufactured to bespoke specifications and offer customers substantial savings on energy bills.

To reflect Ralspeed's modern attitude to business and its growing popularity and importance in the field, Brickweb Custom Web Design have created a responsive, contemporary website that displays Ralspeed's products, services and brand as a whole to their best advantage. The mobile website aspect will open up a large new market to the company as more and more people choose to use a mobile device to make purchases online. New visitors will also be attracted to the site as it ascends in search engine rankings, a speciality of Brickweb SEO agency in Lancashire. Users that choose to access both the desktop and mobile versions of Ralspeed's new world-class website, a trait often displayed by online shoppers who will visit a site a number of times before deciding on a purchase, will find that both experiences are seamlessly integrated.

Powering the website is Brickweb’s custom-built and continually-optimised Content Management System. From this nerve-centre, every aspect of the website can be easily controlled, monitored and manipulated in order that the unique needs and business objectives of the company are consistently met. As a standard part of our service, our personalised and innovative web design company will conduct regular meetings with Ralspeed representatives to analyse current objectives and set new ones for the future.

Click here to view the look and feel of the new Ralspeed Website

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