The Three Little Pigs: Internet Edition

The Three Little Pigs: Internet Edition

There's a reason why traditional fairy tales have stood the test of time: they always contain a universal truth, a message that relates to real-life experience and that can be understood by children and adults alike.  In this edition of the Brickweb blog, we're going to revisit the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs and show you how it applies to the thoroughly modern world of e-commerce websites.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

The premise of the tale is a simple one: there are three little pigs who live in constant fear of the Big Bad Wolf. In an effort to protect themselves, they each decide to build a house using different materials. Let's imagine that the Big Bad Wolf is an internet shopper, the houses are e-commerce websites and the pigs are the website operators.

The first little pig chooses straw as the material to build his house. Bad choice: straw is a weak material. This is like going for a basic, off-the-shelf e-commerce website. Offering little security, displaying practically nothing in aesthetic value and with no flexibility at all, such a website is not going to stand up to even the slightest attention from our Big Bad Internet Shopping Wolf!

The second little pig decides to choose sticks to build his house, which we can compare to choosing a web design company who doesn't have much experience. A cursory look from the Big Bad Wolf reveals a website that doesn't look too bad but as soon as he tries a quick huff and puff, all the little gaps and imperfections are immediately revealed. Low security and hasty building techniques result in a website that falls flat.

Our third little pig is the one with the brains. He chooses bricks to build his house and, as you'll recall from the fairy tale, his house is the one that can stand up to everything the Big Bad Wolf can throw at it. The house is well designed and strongly built, using the best materials. This is like choosing Brickweb as your web design company: we have the experience, intelligence and knowledge to build and maintain websites of world-class quality.

The message of the Three Little Pigs story is easy to understand: whether you're building a house or a website, you need to use the best materials and technology if it's going to be a success. Check out our website to discover how we can help YOU to be the smartest little pig on the block!

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