The Process of Building a Website

When companies and businesses come to Brick technology asking for a web design they more often than not know exactly what they want in regard to design, features and other web design aspects but the issue comes because they do not know how to achieve this.

Brick technology has a team who are passionate about what they do – in face we are geeks! We get off on doing what we do which is why we are the best at each and every one of our roles.

In this piece though we are going to take a look at what it actually takes to achieve a website which is ready to launch. So where does the process of web design all begin?

It starts when the client comes for an initial consultation at Brick technology offices and it is within this meeting where a specification is discussed. We sit down with our clients one on one in order to form their exactly requirements and expectations. Each and every little part of design is discussed including all the features which the website should include.

Sometimes the above process can become a bit like overkill, but in the long run every detail is important and it will result in a world class web design exactly how you wanted it. Brick technology can help form a specification for you even if you haven’t a clue what it is you’re looking for!

Then with the specification in hand the design work starts and a web designer can start to work closely with the client to effectively achieve the desired website. Working with the client closely they can together work out the best way of achieving every feature and if one isn’t possible then they can work to come up with a different solution to achieve the same or extremely similar result.

Whilst the web design stage is ongoing an SEO consultant will oversee it in order to ensure that website is optimised in order to perform well with the search engines and later on when the website is launched there may well be a requirement for internet marketing services but Brick technology has a highly experienced internet marketing team who can work with you to help push your website to the number one positionings.

Items such as H1 tags on each page need to be considered as well as meta description and keywords. Further to this the URL has to be carefully considered in order to ensure that it is “friendly”.

Normally the next item to consider it platforms, but Brick technology know that our websites perform well across a whole range of platforms inclusive of mobile devices. Web development then starts to play a key role as the web design is heavily tested to ensure it meets the specification.

After the web development stage has been completed and any problems found have been addressed then it is time for the user to test their website to see if they have any improvements to make. Only after their full acceptance will a website go live.

It is at this stage when problems may well become apparent however, these can easily be put right and with Brick technology you have a full 24 hour support system in place to help you solve any difficulties you may be having.

For a website with a difference contact us today on 01254 277190 or email and book a no obligation consultation.

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