Internet Marketing and Facebook Privacy

Something which is regularly talked about in regards to internet marketing is social media. In particular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ however, the spotlight has been placed on them all at some point in regards to privacy.

As a web design company we are always conscious about what gets posted onto our Facebook and Twitter page because we do not want anything on there that is going to reflect badly on the company just like any other business or company wouldn’t!

Most recently though Facebook has been the social media site under the spotlight which is why it is good to know that from today Facebook has announced a large-scale overhaul concerning their privacy settings.

Now users have even more control over what items can be posted onto their personal profiles. The changes will take form as of today and this will mean that from now on every single post that appears on your wall will be able to have its own individual privacy setting applied to it.

However the twist comes as when you post onto a friend’s wall you can even change the setting so that it stays just between you and them. Whether it is posted by yourself or another user there is now complete control.

We have all been there where we haven’t been onto our Facebook profile and then we see someone we know who then proceeds to tell us that they have seen our embarrassing pictures?

You need not worry anymore! From now on you will have to approve photo and status tags before they will appear on your profile – so no more of those embarrassing photos making it to your latest pictures and you having to rush around de-tagging before anyone sees them!

This will be the same for any crude; embarrassing tags or simply those you do not want to appear in being posted on your wall since you have to approve those too.

In regards to posting photos too you can now select who it is shared with:

  • Friends
  • Public
  • Custom setting

You can now also tag a location on the full site as well as any smartphone apps as well as being able to reject tags. Maybe the biggest thing is you can tag non-friends in photos and posts too although they will obviously have to approve before you do so.

One of the bigger changes is that now you can select to view your profile page exactly how your friends would see it. Therefore if there is something on there you didn’t really want your friends to see then you can take effective steps to remove it.

We will see how far Facebook choose to take their privacy account settings but for now we thank them that no more do we have to put up with friends tagging us into embarrassing photos.

Brick technology can effectively manage your social media for your business or company through our professional internet marketing services which we have on offer.

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