The Past, Present and Future of E-Commerce Websites

Almost three decades ago in 1995, an entrepreneur by the name of Colin Clarke saw an opportunity to become part of an impending revolution: the dawn of internet e-commerce. Attempting to raise the funds needed to start a business in this nascent field, Colin applied for a council grant; short-sighted council officials rejected the application, opining that 'the internet is just a phase'.

Though such an outright (and rather condescending) rejection would have been the end of the matter for many, this was not so for the ambitious Colin. He continued exploring every possible avenue in his search for the necessary financing and, just when all hope seemed lost, Colin was offered a grant from an unlikely source: the British Legion. With finance secured, he sat down at his kitchen table and built his first website.

Today, Colin is the Managing Director of Brick technology, a leading web design and e-commerce development agency responsible for the creation and management of hundreds of cutting-edge websites. Our portfolio, comprising of clients from all over the world, is exceptionally diverse and grows all the time as more and more people venture into the complex yet extremely lucrative e-commerce arena.

Taking full advantage of every available technology and adapting as these technologies evolve, the dedicated team at Brick technology work in close collaboration with our clients and with one another to design, create and implement e-commerce solutions that deliver optimal results. We recognise that every client has different requirements and goals; our superlative suite of services is thus provided on a bespoke basis to ensure maximum success.

Back in 1995, websites were very different: pixelated graphics, badly-formatted text and extremely-limited interaction were the norm; to make matters worse, all of this could only be accessed through a screeching dial-up modem and your connection, sketchy at best, would immediately be terminated if someone happened to call you on your landline. Despite these factors, the internet took a firm hold of the public imagination and forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Colin knew that things could and would improve at an exponential rate.

Here in 2024, the internet has changed so much that it is practically unrecognisable from its earlier form and nowhere is this fact truer than in the e-commerce sector. Users of e-commerce websites now enjoy (indeed, they expect) seamless experiences when shopping online, from personalised content and AI-powered product recommendations to a full complement of secure payment options made available through a frictionless, secure gateway. Today's Brick technology websites can provide all of this and much, much more besides.  

For more details about the custom e-commerce websites created and managed by Brick technology, please visit the dedicated page on our website. You are also invited to apply for a complimentary report about your current website, which will reveal key areas that require improvement in order to maximise their performance and thus their potential. Requesting and subsequently receiving our in-depth website audit takes less than a minute and the service is provided absolutely free of charge. 

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