The Last Word in E-Commerce Websites Marketing

The internet has revolutionised the way in which customers buy products and services. There are countless organisations that provide internet services such as custom web design, e-commerce websites marketing, mobile technology, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and secure online payments, making it a complex process to decide who to choose.

It is clear that maintaining a presence online is an essential modern business practice. Millions of customers make purchasing decisions based solely on online content without ever visiting a physical store and of course there are now many businesses who do not have a physical shop premises at all, operating solely within the online environment. As the amount of competition is so large, a company's website must stand out from the crowd to attract the precious custom that leads to impressive sales figures.

The search engine is the starting-point for a large number of online shoppers. Search engines use a variety of algorithms and other processes to determine where on the final search results list a particular web page appears and of course it is more desirable to achieve a higher ranking. Search Engine Optimisation is therefore a vital part of any internet marketing strategy; by continually adding dynamic, current content which features specific, targeted keywords and phrases, these higher rankings can swiftly be achieved. Using state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to track in real-time which particular search terms are currently popular and this information can then be used to further optimise the search-result ranking.

Whatever the purpose of a website, it should be clear, attractive and have an intuitive navigational system. By using large, bold banners to instantly make the visitor aware of the company's logo, branding and purpose, a website draws visitors in further by providing direct, specific links to other parts of the website. As with SEO, these actions can be tracked in minute detail, including how long a user spends on a particular page and how many unique users have accessed the website. Information like this is a precious resource when modifying a website to perform at its optimum level.

Brickweb were established in 1996 and have rapidly grown to become a world-class digital agency. With a proven track record of supplying internet solutions of superlative quality to a diverse array of clients, from small, local businesses to international manufacturers and suppliers, we offer an unmatched, luxury service. This is reflected in our many official partnerships with companies including Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, Barclay's and leading search engine Google. We continue to provide our creative and technical teams with training to make sure they are always conversant with the latest technological innovations and can thus provide current, relevant content and support.

Our uniquely personal service puts us ahead of the many competitors in this field. One-to-one meetings, 24hr technical support and focused strategy analysis are all a standard part of the Brickweb experience and our skilled coders, designers, writers and technicians take pride in providing a consistently high standard of work. As a large majority of developers and designers simply do not possess the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise required to make a website successful, Brickweb believe we are the natural choice to provide these complex but essential services.

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