The Fastest Websites in the West!

The Fastest Websites in the West!

In just a few short years, the speed with which we access data online has increased dramatically. A decade ago, internet users would happily wait several minutes for a single photograph to download; today, most people start to get irritated if even data-heavy applications like videos don't begin immediately we click on them!

Though your internet connection speed is dependent on many factors, it also matters how good your website itself is. A fast page-loading speed is vital to the user's experience: pages that take more than a couple of seconds to load increase bounce rate and also reduces average amount of time spent on the page in question.

As with everything in life, first impressions really count. If your website is loading slowly, it sends a message to the user that you don;t really care about your business and are not prepared to invest in a positive customer experience. Visitors will quickly realise that other online businesses ARE prepared to make that investment and they will show a preference for these websites.

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