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Products catalogue

Any product can be added to one or more product categories, but listed for search engines as 1 product (rel canonical).

Each product can show one of more photos, as also video and list of files for download.­Advanced instock management with ability to manage few warehouses.

Products catalogue

Custom pricing levels

All products can have 3 pricing levels by default (can be changed to up to 50 pricing levels) with custom titles (default ones are: ‘Retail prices’, ‘Reseller’, ‘Wholesale’).


It’s possible to provide any discount for any product or product category, by defining start and end time, relative or absolute discount value, and a lot of other parameters. So, it’s easy to configure something like ‘Buy 10 items and get 1 for free’, or ‘Buy 10 buttons and get 1 banner for free’. QR code discounts

Promotion/­coupon codes

It’s possible to generate and use any promotion code for just 1 customer, or for group of customer, for some product category or product, with a lot of parameters like we have for discounts.

Back in stock notification

If some item is not available on stock at the moment then the visitor can subscribe to get notified then item will return back into the stock.


All website customers are recorded on website database for easy access of future website orders.

Website administrator can always review all client details, block any user, review last logon details, specify custom pricing level for the customer or even download users database for your own needs.

Personal pricing per user.


Affiliate codes

It’s easy to issue a code to any affiliate and track amount of orders made using any of affiliate codes you have on your website.


Complete redesigned checkout focused on making order as quick and easy as possible.

No need to register

No need to register!

Sign-in using Facebook or Google+, or proceed as guest user even without specifying your email — phone will be enough.

Quick order right the product list


Get orders on phone and put into system

There is custom made telephone ordering mode starting with ability to sign-in on behalf of any customer (find it quickly) and also with the ability to create new users quickly, as also process orders on phone, pay the ones, mark as shipped, etc.

Multiple shipping addresses

It’s easy to select a separate address to each item of the order, so items of the single order can be shipped to more than 1 address.

Shipping methods and costs

Any custom shipping method can be setup by order weight, order total value, shipping address, etc.

Can be calculated based on shipping address, order weight and/or order total value, or custom calculated for each order (TBC).

If costs can't be calculated automatically then website system will ask website admin to review the customer’s order, to specify costs and send to customer for review/­payment.

Payment methods

Wide range of payment gateways supported:

  • PayPal, PayPay Pro (with custom designed payment pages) and PayPal Express Checkout;
  • WorldPay and WorldPay Direct;
  • SecureTrading
  • SagePay (aka PROTX)
  • GlobalIris from Realex­pla­yments (old HSBC)
  • AxcessMS
  • Barclays ePDQ
  • Google Checkout
  • MMS
  • NMI (
  • VoicePay (

Order processing


Custom order statuses

Review order history by customer: re-order, pay for old order, cancel order. Integration with Sage for exporting orders into your inhouse system or importing orders from inhouse system for making possible for customers to track the order delivery. Mark orders with QR/bar codes/labels for quick processing by using bar code scanners.

Refund, Print address labels, Integrate with Royal Mail


Step up to a better way of doing business online, whether e-commerce or other custom objectives!