The Bright Future of Custom Printed Products

The Bright Future of Custom Printed Products

A number of studies into the market for customised products have all shown that it is an area of rapid growth. With so many e-commerce websites all selling the same things, more and more people are attracted to personalised products and so the market is ripe for new companies offering customisation services.

Technology giant recently commissioned research into the personalised product market. The results of this research showed that this fast-growing market is expected to hit a value of £24 billion this year, a massive increase of 55% in just four years. This same study also revealed that seven out of ten online buyers would be willing to pay at least 10% extra for a personalised product.

InfoTrends, the world's leading market research company, compiled a report with the title 'Next Generation Personalized Printed Products'. This report concluded that the custom printed products market will 'continue to experience strong growth over the coming years'. Another study, conducted by the professional services network Deloitte, found that a fifth of online shoppers would pay 20% more for a customised product, This study also found that nearly half of consumers would happily wait longer for a customised product than they would for a generic one

Companies offering print-on-demand and direct-to-garment services online are becoming more numerous in response to these statistics and, if you want yours to always be a step ahead of your competitors, then what you need is a comprehensive and reliable turnkey solution. That's exactly what we're offering you with the Brick Factory.

The Brick Factory, a powerful and super-secure cloud portal designed specifically with print-on-demand companies in mind, allows you to effectively manage every aspect of your business seamlessly and in real time from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. Using the Brick Factory's array of features, you can totally streamline your workflow and integrate seamlessly with major suppliers, unique stores and accounting systems.

The best way to understand how the Brick Factory works is to experience it for yourself. To allow you to do just that, we invite you to book a free demonstration, which will take only an hour of your time and will show you how your print-on-demand business could be nothing short of revolutionised. Contact our dedicated customer service team to book your FREE demonstration today!

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