The Bestselling Print on Demand Products

The Bestselling Print on Demand Products

As the demand for custom merchandise continues on its steep upward trajectory, there's never been a better time to get in on the action! Custom printing technology continues to develop and the selection of products that can be printed with unique design is growing all the time. In this edition of the Brickweb blog, we look at some of the most popular print on demand items that consistently make the bestsellers list. 

The humble t-shirt is one of the world's most popular garments so it is no surprise that custom-printed t-shirts sit comfortably at the top of the bestsellers list. An in-depth study of the custom-printed t-shirt market carried out by Credence Research predicted that it would reach a value of a massive £7.9 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of over 6%. 

One of the things that makes t-shirts so popular is that they transcend all barriers, being worn by pretty much any demographic you care to name. In addition, t-shirt sales are not subject to seasonal variations as they can be worn all year round, whether alone in the summer or underneath other garments in the winter. 

Research by Heinz showed that 60% of people have 'an emotional attachment' to their mug, with 40% of respondents saying that they would never share their mug with anyone else. It is therefore no surprise to learn that many people love the idea of having a mug that is absolutely unique and that's why custom-printed mugs are an extremely popular item. As well as people buying them for personal use, they're also regularly chosen as gifts, further increasing sales. 

Tote Bags
Demand for sustainable products has soared in recent years. Data from a Roundup survey showed that almost three-quarters (73%) of online shoppers would be happy to pay extra for custom products that have been produced using sustainable materials and methods. Tote bags offer an envi­ron­men­tally-conscious alternative to plastic shopping bags and have indeed become something of a fashion statement, especially when printed with a custom design. 

Whatever custom-printed products you want to sell, The Brick Factory can help you to do it. Designed and developed by the expert team here at Brick technology, The Brick Factory is a unique, ultra-powerful business automation tool aimed squarely at the print on demand industry, streamlining your operation at every stage from product design to order fulfillment. 

You can find out more about The Brick Factory on our website and in our dedicated blog. The next step is to book a free demonstration of its many features and see for yourself how it could revolutionise your print on demand business. Ready... Set... PRINT!

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