The Benefits of DTG Printing

The Benefits of DTG Printing

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is taking off in a big way as the market for top-quality customised products continues to expand. If you're thinking of setting up a DTG business then this edition of the Brickweb blog is for you as we reveal some of the main advantages and benefits...

Short Prep Time

Traditional printing methods, such as screen printing, generally require a lot of equipment, extensive planning and sufficiently high order volumes to make them profitable. DTG involves none of this time-consuming preparation and allows you to make profit from printing even a single garment.

Simple Print Process

Using a DTG printer is easy and is much like using a standard home or office printer. Every member of your team can therefore carry out printing operations, meaning that you don't have to rely on specialist staff.

Vibrant Designs

Garments printed using the DTG process are far superior to those that have been screen-printed in terms of design colour, vibrancy and detail. Even the most intricate designs can be rendered easily by a DTG machine, resulting in a premium product that truly stands out from the crowd. This is absolutely essential if your business is going to thrive in this ultra-competitive market.

Wide Appeal

Speaking of markets, DTG printing has a wide appeal across many different sectors from merchandising and special events to uniforms and business promotion. DTG businesses can offer an extensive range of garments to all of these sectors and many more, with the ever-broadening market providing ample opportunity for expansion.

Fast Turnaround

DTG printing businesses can offer unrivalled performance in terms of turnaround time. Customers don't have to wait for extended periods to receive their orders, helping to improve your brand's reputation. Best of all, these fast turnaround times don't involve any compromise on item quality.

The latest innovation to come from the expert team at Brickweb is the Brick Factory, a turnkey solution for DTG businesses. Comprising a professional suite of features that allow DTG businesses to accurately control every aspect of their operations, the Brick Factory is a world-class cloud portal that helps to streamline the entire process, resulting in exceptional time- and cost-savings.

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