Site Usability with Web Design

The main point of a web design is to form a website which can either deliver or provide information to a user or can be used as an e-commerce website in order to sell a number of products and services.

However, what happens within the web design industry when a website has been launched and then an end user, a visitor or a customer dependent on what you wish to call them actually has an issue in locating the information, products or services that they require?

It all comes down to site usability!

If a visitor cannot easily locate what it is they are looking for then they will simply go elsewhere; this will result in a high bounce rate for your site as well as a low conversion rate which is something that you do not want.

Site usability will help in regards to internet marketing; the site will rank better if it is easy to navigate and in addition search engines can begin to categorise various pages of the website.

There are five top tips for site usability in web design that if you follow you will enjoy a website which will rank highly in the search engines, have categorised pages within the search results when your website is shown and will provide a useful place for a customer, visitor or end user to come for information, products or services.

Firstly one of the main features that a web design must incorporate in order to help the overall site usability is a search feature. A field which is dedicated to allowing a user to type in exactly what it is they want offers to them the quickest and most convenient access to whatever it is they are looking for.

Imagine if you went onto say Amazon and you couldn’t type into the search engine what it was you were looking for. If you had to trail through hundreds of page categories then soon you would give up and go elsewhere. The ability to be able to search therefore is a must have when thinking about site usability; Brick technology always ensure we have a site search feature.

Next is the descriptive keywords and titles which you use, these are extremely important as they help the used to find what they are looking for immediately when using the site search feature. Descriptive titles which identify to a user exactly what the information is about or exactly what the product or service is a lot easier to point them in the right direction. Repetition of your keyword or phrase will ensure that the reader knows they are in the right place; it is important though that although you need to have keywords and phrases in there you don’t overdo it and make it sound non-human.

The third item which can really enhance site usability is when a website has a site map and related pages. This has to be laid out in a clear and concise manner. Sometimes users aren’t exactly sure what it is they are specifically looking for; they know that they are in the right place but they would rather have a list of links to select the one they want.

All this is well and good so far but what if the user has found exactly what they are looking for and now they want to order or get in touch but they cannot because they cannot find your contact details! Contact details are another item which adds to overall site usability. Ensure that contact details are accessible, easy to find and are presented in a friendly way.

Media production is a service which Brick technology offer; it is also something which helps to contribute to enhanced site usability. Having pictures, diagrams and photos to compliment any content is great for people to see how something may work. Watching a movie clip, listening to some audio is a much more convenient way sometimes of explaining something easily than a big block of text. Our media production includes:

The last of the top five tips is to evolve. Now this sounds pretty silly but within the web design industry there are changes happening all the time and it is important that you change with these otherwise you will get left behind. The evolution of the internet is because we are always looking for ways to make it easier for users and website visitors. It is perhaps the most important of the five tips; more often though it is the one which is overlooked!

Brick technology ensures that all of our sites incorporate the top five tips and so they are extremely user friendly and easy to use. If you are looking for a website and would like a professional web design then make sure you come to the professionals.

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