Print on Demand, Drop Shipping, Business Automation

Personalised Product Design Platform

  • Online print/­embroidery/­product design system to fully automate your print on demand business:
    You or your visitors can upload artwork, use the designer and create on demand or select from pre-prepared clipart. You and your visitors can preview the design on real product photos or 3D product previews. Save the design to use on other products. custom defined print areas, multi colour product masks, full bleed products (like cushions, watches) and much more to fully automate your print on demand business.
  • Print on demand aka Drop shipping, Design to Garment: Create your own designed products and link them with your own store at Shopify, Etsy, Wordpress WooCommerce, EKM, or custom stores (Using the API/CSV integration of orders processing), define your brand with custom labels and add to your products, custom product pricing, use the same design on a set of products
  • Create your own custom store right on the website
  • Business process automation — orders processing system (App) with custom workflows for each product type, pre-defined actions for each person's work place, a 'factory dashboard' screen shown on big TV to show the whole workflow in real-time with order processing statistics and alerts for critical issues (if any). The complete solution for processing incoming orders from receiving an order, review and check the artwork, printing methods, quality assurance, packaging, postage/­shipping labels, getting reviews, refunding, replacing, and much more! A world class turnkey system which will save you time, personnel and money.
  • Integration of shipping methods/costs with global shipping providers.
  • Accounting system integration with multi-language, multi-currency functi­onality.
  • The complete system for any print on demand business.