New Social Media Integration - 'Pay-by-Tweet' Service Launched

Integration with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook has become an essential part of modern business practice. These sites have a combined total of users that easily tops 1bn and therefore contain a huge market of potential customers. Word-of-mouth has long been recognised as one of the best forms of advertising and the infinite connections between users of this site allow for news to spread incredibly quickly.

Twitter and American Express have recently teamed up in the most ambitious attempt ever to integrate e-commerce and m-commerce directly into a social media website. Dubbed 'Pay-by-Tweet', the service will allow Amex cardholders to make purchases by simply sending a short message or 'tweet'. Users will link their Amex and Twitter accounts and will then be able to accept offers from companies by simply tweeting the hashtag that is included with the offer. A confirmation tweet to Amex will complete the process, in which Amex will forward payment details to the merchant.

Leslie Berland, the head of digital development and partnerships at Amex, said that, "For the first time, Twitter users will be able to respond to an offer from a merchant and make a purchase without leaving the Twitter site". She then made clear that Twitter would not share in any revenue created by the transaction, saying, "It is all our technology, built on their platform". The social media site will however benefit from increased advertising as merchants begin to send out promoted tweets to publicise their offers. Amex said that no account information whatsoever would be shared with Twitter, eliminating the risk of fraud.

The launch of the pay-by-tweet service features offers on several electronic items including an Xbox console with games, a Sony camera and the incredibly-popular Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet. In addition to these items, discounted gift cards from Amex will also be available.

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