Is Your Website Responsive?

Research data has shown that online shoppers often return to a website several times before deciding to make a purchase. As smartphones and tablets become more commonplace, customers often access the website from a variety of different devices, during which time they show a strong preference for sites that provide a unified shopping experience. Responsive websites are therefore key to ensuring the continued success of e-commerce businesses.

Responsive web design makes everything easier for both customer and business. The process begins with creating a single website that, equipped with responsive technology, can be accessed from any internet-capable device without problem. Each device transmits descriptive information about itself when accessing a website; this information is then used to make sure the most appropriate form of the website is displayed to the user. Using style sheets, scripts and other methods, the website will adapt to the device it is accessed from to eliminate such irritating issues as incorrect display resolution. The fact that only a single website must be created to suit any device also represents incredible cost-effectiveness for the business.

Brick CMS (Content Management System), which is continually updated and optimised, is the nerve centre of our client's diverse range of e-commerce businesses. Fully responsive and featuring an affiliate code system, an improved checkout system, HTTP compression and a multi-address shipping facility, our custom-built CMS makes full use of the new HTML5 programming language to deliver the most up-to-date performance. With responsive syntax which allows for increasingly-popular video tagging, HTML5 works in all browsers and does not require additional plugins.

Brickweb custom web design and internet marketing services offer a world-class web development and design service which begins with a free consultation and review of your company's current online presence. Skilled, dedicated and innovative, the Brickweb team continue to build on our 17 years of experience in the field.

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