Responsive Web Design - The Future of E-Commerce

As the number of different ways to access the internet increases, web design is evolving. Providing a seamless experience across a range of devices is essential for e-commerce businesses as consumer preferences change; responsive web design is therefore the future of e-commerce.

Responsive web design involves creating a single website that can be accessed without difficulty on any internet-capable device. As the website is accessed, descriptive information is transmitted about the device being used, information that can then be used by the website to deliver the most appropriate content. Through the use of scripts, style sheets and several other methods, the website will appear in its most appropriate form for the device being used to access it, meaning such issues as incorrect display resolution are instantly solved. As the basic website is the same, the need to design different sites for each device is eliminated, making responsive web design an incredibly cost-effective method of providing a unified internet experience across the ever-growing range of mobile devices.

The custom-built Brickweb control centre, Brick CMS, was recently relaunched after a comprehensive update. Brick CMS 2.4 is fully responsive in the ways described above and includes several new features including multi-address shipping, an affiliate code system, HTTP compression and an improved checkout system. The control system uses the brand new HTML5, the standard language used to present internet content. The fifth revision of this essential language now includes new, responsive syntax designed to allow video tags and will work perfectly in a variety of browsers without the need for extra plugins.

Providing the best e-commerce systems and solutions to our clients is our priority and we continue to build on our many years of experience. Responsive web design is an important aspect of modern web development and so choosing a skilled, dedicated company to manage a relevant online presence is vital. Brickweb exist to perform this essential duty to the highest level of quality.

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