Is YOUR Ecommerce Website Ready for Christmas?

Is YOUR Ecommerce Website Ready for Christmas?

The final quarter of the year is known in the retail trade as 'the golden quarter' due to the extra-high levels of purchasing. Though we are only in September, the time for online retailers to start thinking about the holiday season is NOW: is your website ready to help you claim YOUR share of the Christmas cake?

In the wake of the COVID-10 pandemic, more people are shopping online than ever before. Though this means an ever-increasing potential market, it also means that online trading has never been more competitive. Consumer expectations are rising all the time and if your website doesn't make the grade then your business is going to suffer. 

As online retail continues to take the place of traditional bricks-and-mortar stores, your website has become your showroom. Consumers want to be able to understand your product and this means you need to provide them with informative, reliable descriptions along with images and video. And it's not just your website that needs to be on-point: you also need to make sure that your band experience has a big presence on social media platforms.

One thing that online retailers often neglect to consider is the dramatic increase in traffic and how a website is prepared to handle it. If your website doesn't have sufficient capacity, your visitors may experience slow loading times: such delays are one of the primary reasons that visitors choose to abandon a website. If traffic is extremely high, your potential customers might not even be able to access your site at all.

Today's modern internet shopper wants to feel that their experience is personalised. Forget generic deals and use gathered data to aim your offers and promotional strategies directly. The results of several surveys show that a significant proportion of inline shoppers are prepared to up their basket value to get free shipping so this is definitely something you should consider doing.

Don't forget that the golden quarter isn't all about Christmas. Black Friday and Cyber Monday also fall during this time period and generate massive turnover worldwide, running into many billions of pounds. In just a single day, your website could see as many visitors as it has done in the whole year proceeding. Is your website ready?

Brickweb has over two decades of experience in creating bespoke ecommerce websites. We can help you to get ready for a successful, lucrative golden quarter but time is already running out. To get started, we recommend taking advantage of our detailed website audit report on your current website. Supplied free of charge and guaranteed to be easy to understand, your personalised SEO report could be with you in a matter of minutes. Get ready for a very merry Christmas with Brickweb!

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