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There is a massive range of web design and development services available and even more companies offering to provide them. In this complex and ever-changing arena, it can be a nightmarishly-complex task to choose the right provider who will properly and professionally represent your business in the crowded and competitive online market. Brick technology are offering companies the unique opportunity to cut right through this tangled maze with our complete bespoke package: we are proud to introduce Brick Cloud 9.

Brick Cloud 9 brings together a comprehensive range of online services, allowing clients to relax in the knowledge that their entire online presence is consistently and professionally managed by experts. Take a look below at the nine factors that make up the Brickweb Cloud 9 experience.

1 – Starting from Scratch

Your Brickweb content-managed website is hand-designed, taking into account every unique factor that influences your individual business.

Our talented team of designers, which includes experts in programming, photography, video and writing, will design a site that perfectly represents your brand in a contemporary, inclusive way. Our commitment to ensuring complete company participation in the design process means that you will be informed and consulted at every step to ensure the final design of your website is nothing short of perfect.

2 – SEO and Dynamic Analysis

Monitoring the number of visitors to a website, where these visitors originate from and the activity they carry out whilst connected are all essential factors in ensuring the continued success of a website.

The Brickweb control centre provides access to the most detailed of web statistics, allowing us to accurately monitor visitors and then use this information to optimise our strategy. All of this information is clearly detailed to the client via a host of graphs, charts and revealing infographics.

3 – The Marketing Suite

Publicising a business and its products and services is essential in maintaining its success.

Brickweb offer a full complement of marketing services, from social media campaigns to dedicated sms messages and everything in between. The marketing suite also includes access to the skills of a professional copywriter who will create quality news articles to be published on the website and regularly emailed as a newsletter to interested subscribers.

4 – Secure Finances

Online customers rightfully demand a safe and secure online payment service.

Brickweb are Barclay's and HSBC accredited integrators and are also among the first web development and design companies to allow clients to take advantage of the new Paym service which will be available to customers from many major banks and building societies. The service allows online customers to pay for goods and services online by simply using their mobile phone number which is linked to their current account; it is expected that the number of users of the service will grow exponentially as more and more people use mobile technology to access the internet.

5 – Social Accounts Management

Social networking is a major force in the world of e-commerce.

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have allowed companies and their customers to connect and interact in an ever-growing number of ways, offering a wealth of business opportunities to savvy e-commerce and m-commerce businesses. Our team can completely manage your company's social media presence, updating Facebook statuses and sending Tweets that enhance your online visibility, gaining valuable clickthroughs and creating a buzz around your company.

6 – Google Account Integration

Google is the most widely-used search engine in the planet and has grown from humble beginnings to encompass a massive range of online services.

Connecting to and taking full advantage of the unique and infinite capabilities of this vast network is essential for e-commerce businesses and Brickweb can offer full and seamless integration of all Google services.

7 – Keeping Track

Internal finance is obviously an incredibly important part of maintaining the smooth running of any business.

Brickweb offer a range of integral finance tools to allow you to keep accurate track of all your company's finances; with access to tools such as Sagepay and Quickbooks combined with data-presentation facilities such as .xml and .csv files, keeping on top of everyday financial jobs is simple and efficient.

8 – Email Management

It is convenient for a business to have multiple email addresses, allowing customers to easily direct their query to the appropriate place.

With a Brickweb site, you have the ability to create a range of suitable email addresses which will separate incoming emails into appropriate boxes for your perusal. Access to the various inboxes can be easily and securely controlled, allowing the right person to deal with any incoming mail.

9 – Constant Support

A member of the Brickweb team will always be able to offer expert assistance in the unlikely event of any problems with your website.

With state-of-the-art software that instantly reveals details of your current operating system to the Brickweb advisor, we can quickly and efficiently deal with any problem, restoring your website to full and optimal functionality with the minimum of disruption.

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