Don't Agonise, Don't Compromise: Just Customise Your Merch

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating in many ways, including to the global economy. Many businesses and indeed entire industries have not yet fully recovered but that certainly isn't the case for the custom merchandise market.

According to a report by trade-only internet marketing company Sourcing City, the UK market value for personalised merch in 2022 had shot back up to more than £1.14 billion: this figure represents more than 97% of lost ground being regained from the £1.168 billion market value achieved in 2019 (the last full pre-pandemic year).

In related news, the prestigious annual UK Merchandise World Show in 2023 noted an increase of more than 55% in the number of people attending, which also represented a complete comeback to the events pre-COVID. The majority of other trade events did not come close to this achievement, struggling to regain their footing.

The 2023 UK Merchandise World Show proved beyond all doubt that events centering on custom and branded merchandise are firmly back on the map; no less than 160 exhibitors were in attendance, including 14 brand-new suppliers. Event organisers are confident that all of these figures will have increased even further by the time of the next UK Merchandise World Show, which is scheduled to take place on the 24th and 25th of January in 2024.

One of the big winners from all of this is the hit TV show 'Love Island' or, more specifically, ITV Studios, the creator of the franchise. It has been revealed that the total sales value of official Love Island merchandise (which buyers customise with their own name or other text), hit and then quickly exceeded the significant milestone of £20 million.

The dedicated Love Island shop went live back in 2017 and sold only two items: suitcases and water bottles, all of which were of a white colour and printed with the buyer's chosen text in that eye-catching shade of neon pink that is the show's distinctive trademark.

The design has proved so popular, spinoff items including tote bags, pet bowls, washbags, robes, suitcases, baby beakers, Christmas stockings and phone cases can now all be purchased featuring the neon script. William van Rest, who is ITV's Director of Gaming, Live and Merchandise, quickly capitalised on the instant success of the products, adding the numerous new options. 

Everything that we have mentioned in this article (plus a whole lot more that we haven't had space for) clearly points in the same direction and that is the continuing growth of the market forcustom merchandise. If you are considering joining this quickly-growing market and you want to get a crucial headstart, then what you need is The Brick Factory. 

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This ultra-reliable cloud portal also provides you with a comprehensive array of powerful features from a state-of-the-art Design Module to seamless integrations with shipping providers, accounting systems, supplier databases, e-commerce platforms and more. On top of all that, you'll also get access to a cutting-edge drop-shipping and order-fulfillment system.

In the simplest of terms, The Brick Factory is a turnkey solution for businesses who want to offer customised products in an efficient, reliable and ultimately-successful way. Please browse our website for further details, including numerous blog articles and a portfolio of our current list of Brick Factory clients. Then, we invite you to request a full demonstration of the system, which will last around one hour and is free of both charge and obligation. To book yours, simply get in touch with us via the online form or by giving us a call. You won't regret it. 

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