Content + Contact = Customers!

Content + Contact = Customers!

In a fast-paced, highly-competitive and increasingly well-connected world, staying in close contact with customers has taken on an ever-more important role. No longer are customers willing to accept the faceless company, with managers smugly-inaccessible behind miles of red tape and a phone extension number that would puzzle Pythagoras. What customers want is immediacy, accountability and a feeling of connection to a company - and woe betide any company that fails to deliver!

Owning and operating an intuitive, personalised and easily-navigable website that displays and functions optimally on any device is obviously essential to any organisation. Once you have that website, the next thing on your priority list is getting the word out - there is no point in having a fantastic site with zero traffic. And getting the traffic is only half the battle because then you have to make sure it keeps coming back - so how do you do this? Connect.

Brick Web Development Company offer many different services (and bespoke combinations of these) to get our clients a firm, highly-visible and immediately-recognisable presence online - from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to our world-class Internet Marketing (IM) packages, we will work out the very best way to get your company on the map and keep it there. But this is not a one-way street; to get the best from your internet marketing you need to provide the raw material for us to work with.

Our IM clients receive the services of a talented professional copywriter, who provides regular news articles, advertorials, blog posts and just about any other kind of copy your website needs to make it stand out. Our writer, as with all people involved in creative professions, needs good material to work with and this is where you come in - only you know the daily ins and outs of your company and it is up to you to share them with us, no matter how trivial you think they may be.

If you give mud to a potter and expect a Ming vase in return, you are likely to be disappointed. Similarly, our writer cannot produce news articles unless they have decent, newsworthy material about what is happening in your company - interacting weakly or not at all with us will lead to a disconnection that is reflected in the news, ultimately affecting how your clients perceive your company.

Start today, right now - send us a list of three things that are going on in your business or are related to the products and services you provide. We look forward to your email and to producing dynamic, absorbing and relevant content that will make your visitors understand they are dealing with a true professional.

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