Christmastime = Cybercrime!

Christmastime = Cybercrime!

According to figures released by Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud centre, many thousands of online shoppers became the victims of cyber crime last Christmas, losing in excess of £11 million. Many of these incidents occurred on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Pete O’Doherty, the Superintendent of the City of London Police, has issued a warning to try and help reduce the number of cases of cyber crime during this year's festive period. He said: "Unfortunately, at what is an expensive time of year for many, the internet has provided fraudsters with a platform to lure people in with the promise of cheap deals. Our report shows that fraudsters will stop at nothing for financial gain during the festive period. To stop fraudsters in their tracks, be cautious of where and from whom you’re buying."

The most common item on which online shoppers were scammed was mobile phones, with other high-ticket items like electrical goods, designer clothing and premium toys following close behind. As awareness of cyber crime continues to grow, internet users are becoming less trustful and are increasingly choosing to shop from websites that they feel they can trust. The CEO of Get Safe Online, Tony Neate, said: "Really simple steps, such as only using reputable shopping sites, can make a big difference towards protecting yourself online this Christmas."

Brick Technology take the issue of cyber crime extremely seriously and preventing it from occurring is one of our prime objectives when we create websites and mobile applications for our clients. To this end, we have applied for and been granted Cyber Essentials accreditation, which demonstrates that we have taken every step possible to keep our websites safe and trustworthy.

We want you and your customers to enjoy a safe, effective online experience, not just during the festive season but continually throughout the year. Find out more about our Cyber Essentials accreditation in a recent edition of our blog and get in touch with our expert team for further information.

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