Website Launch – Blackburn with Darwen 50+ Partnership

Our latest website to launch http://­bwd50plus.­org.­uk is yet another outstanding website to add to our steadily growing portfolio.

Once again it shows how each of our individual team member’s qualities have shown through, creating a website that is high in quality and specific to the required specification not to mention that its ease of use makes it accessible for the targeted visitors.

What is Blackburn with Darwen 50+ Partnership?

The Blackburn with Darwen 50+ Partnership provides people who are aged 50 and above and living in Blackburn with Darwen the chance to have their voices heard. Their needs and aspirations are spoken out loud and proud and their personal decisions about services affecting them are being taken into consideration.

Guiding these members of society and providing them with informative information is one of their aims. Initiating and delivering research into major issues which are identified as priority by our local older members. This helps to ensure that decision makers are made aware of the reality of life for local older people.

What are their priorities currently?


What you can expect on the website...

The website which is aimed at members of Blackburn with Darwen who are 50+ features an adjustable font size so that they can make the font on the website larger or smaller according to their requirement. It also has an option for these members to add their voice about current issues.

The user friendly website incorporates our usual features and has the chance for users to subscribe to their newsletter, contact us, fill in questionnaires and they have the option to tell a friend.

Through our Brick control centre Blackburn with Darwen 50+ Partnership can now view their specific visitor journeys, length of time spent on their pages, search terms and common miss spellings. If someone accesses it and doesn’t get a positive result then they can see this and make changes by providing information that people maybe regularly searching for and so through Brick technology, web design they can constantly be active in their website approach.

What does Brick Technology offer?

They have access to our 24 hour technical support, as well as being able to take advantage of our one to one analysis and strategy meetings so we are always making sure that Blackburn with Darwen 50+ Partnership are content and have any queries and problems solved as well as helping them on their journey to making voices heard.

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We can also keep you ahead with any emerging Internet Marketing techniques. Working regularly together with you we can achieve the results that you are striving to achieve. Our web design and web development offices in Blackburn Lancashire as well as in Salford Manchester and as far as London Ontario we help you every step of the way.

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