YouTube’s Shiny New Web Design

For those of you who haven’t yet been onto YouTube then Brick technology would like you to take note. They have had a brand new redesign of their website and it looks great! In the centre of the new web design homepage it features a single news feed which features videos that an individual’s friends have uploaded onto sister site Google+.

In addition to this there is also a channel feed on the left hand side of the screen which is put in place in order to try and get users to subscribe to their favorite YouTube channels and shows. If people subscribe then this could give a major boost to TV networks and individuals who have their own personal channels on the site.

If you take a glance at the new YouTube site then you could easily be lured into the thought that you are on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. YouTube have made the user experience more social so that users can get involved more with other users should they wish.

Social networks are becoming more and more popular for internet marketing purposes and with this in mind YouTube have added Facebook and Google+ buttons into the left hand column so that users can easily share content and see content from the video site through their choice of social network.

Google have had a big push recently in the way of socials. Just over 100 days ago they launched their Google+ social network and this has been introduced into a number of web products such as YouTube, Maps, Gmail so that social media is deeply embedded into each user experience.

Conveniently to the right hand side of the screen you will now see a recommendation feed which will suggest videos that users may like based on their current subscriptions along with the history which YouTube has collated of videos the user watches.

YouTube which is now owned by Google has been trying to host as much professional content on the site as possible. In addition to this they also want user-generated content and thus are encouraging users to set up their very own Channel. In the UK there is currently Channel 4 and Channel 5 along with a few content owners and broadcasters who have entered into full syndication deals with YouTube.

Rather than entering into full syndication deals they prefer to set up their own channels on the site and control their personal distribution of their content themselves. This is the biggest change that YouTube has seen in its six year history.

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