Why You Can't Afford to Miss a Moment...

Why You Can't Afford to Miss a Moment...

More than six years ago, it was predicted by the then-CEO of Google that smartphone sales would surpass those of PCs. The prediction definitely came true and the ‘mobile-first’ culture is right here with us, influencing countless aspects of the world around us, every minute of the day. Now that the mobile era is so well established, as well as continually evolving, there is no option for marketers but to fully embrace it.

Using a mobile to access information online is now so common that we barely even take any notice of it. Though we may not, organisations like Google certainly are and they describe our mobile interactions as ‘mobile micro moments’, which can be accurately measured and used to further improve mobile strategy and thus performance. This measurement includes mobile traffic, engagement, conversion and revenue.

The Future of Mobile by Numbers

  • By the year 2019, spending on mobile advertising is predicted to increase to $195.55 billion, making up more than 70% of all advertising carried out digitally

  • Content marketing will become an industry worth in excess of $300 billion in the same year

  • In 2020, spending related to SEO will reach more than $80 billion

  • Google’s own statistics show that 34% of all online purchases currently happen using a mobile device

These are big numbers, so what does it mean for YOUR ecommerce website? As mobile demand increases, you need the best knowledge and experience behind you to help you gather, identify, understand and act upon the many strands of data necessary to achieve optimal performance online.

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