Which Country Has the Fastest Mobile Internet?

Which Country Has the Fastest Mobile Internet?

Each quarter, leading content delivery network Akamai publishes its much-read and highly-revealing State of the Internet report, which breaks down a number of different factors relating to how, when and where people are accessing the web, taking into account information from numerous global sources.

The latest report shows that the UK enjoys the fastest mobile internet access speeds IN THE WORLD, beating off stiff competition from the likes of South Korea and Singapore.

So, what are the statistics and what do they mean for you and your business? Find out all you need to know, right here.

The Numbers

People accessing the mobile internet from the UK get an average connection speed of a whopping 27.9 Mbps — this is a full 10Mbps faster than almost anywhere else in Europe

Perhaps the most surprising results come from the US — the country could only manage an average mobile connection speed of a paltry 5.1 Mbps, five times less than that enjoyed in the UK, only a fraction faster than in Algeria, about the same as Thailand and lower than such countries as Turkey, Paraguay and Kenya

Other countries in Europe were revealed to have connection speed way below those of the UK — the data included figures for France (11.5 Mbps), Germany (15.7 Mbps), Slovakia (13.3 Mbps) and the aforementioned Algeria (the lowest in Europe at just 2.9 Mbps at the time of writing

The Data

Akamai technicians logged over 25,000 unique IP addresses from connections to its HTML web pages, software updates, video streams and JavaScript Elements – this process was repeated for each country studied.

As both average and peak mobile connection speeds can be affected by the use of the proxies often used by mobile networks, the speeds recorded represent connection between the proxy and Akamai's servers – not between the server and the device used to access it. IP sharing, parallel requests and particularly small downloads can also contribute to an overall lowering of average speed.

The Response

There is only one way to respond to this news – improve your mobile internet presence. In a positive feedback loop, online visitors will use mobile internet more and more as it gets better and this will prompt online businesses to improve further in order to hold onto these visitors and attract new one.

If you aren't focusing on making the mobile experience everything it can be for your customers then the harsh truth is that they are going to find someone who will.

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