What is organic Search Engine Optimisation?

This week Kenneth Clarke, the managing director’s son has arrived from Canada! He is going to be visiting all of our internet marketing clients and talking to them about Search Engine Optimisation.

Organic search results are not like pay per click in that they are actually free and usually the effects of organic search optimisation last for a long time when pay per click budgets have run out they are no longer having an effect.

In order to be successful with organic search engine optimisation there are a number of important items which you need to consider. You need to ensure that keyword and research is carried out both thoroughly and properly.

You need to see what it is that people are searching for to get to your website and the amount of traffic which surrounds this keyword or phrase. If you select say a keyword or phrase and do not research the amount of traffic then you could end up doing lots of optimisation for a word that only gets searched twice a month and so you need to target the keywords which generate traffic.

In order to get further ahead with organic search engine optimisation you need to ensure that your website is up to date with content and latest news which is fresh. Within this content you need to include the keywords and thus when people type these keywords into the search engine they are more likely to get hits from your site if the content of keywords is combined to work together.

Another great way of enhancing organic search engine optimisation is to consider link building and we spoke about this in Monday’s News about What is Link Building? It is now more important than ever that you try and find a number of websites and blogs where you can post links to your website in order to build up and enhance the traffic coming to your site.

Look for blogs and websites which are similar to you where similar people to your customers will be. By placing these links in such places, people will click on them and be directed to your site and this will improve your traffic and popularity.

Brick technology has an excellent internet marketing team with an expert account manager. All aspects of your internet marketing are taken care of and it is better when they all work in harmony towards the same goal.

We cover all aspects and specialise in organic search optimisation so that you get your website to where it should be and maintain its positioning.

For more information then please come to Brick technology, call us today on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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