What is Hot and What’s Not For Content Marketing?

Whether you like it or not content marketing is still a vital factor of internet marketing and online advertising. Although some sub-factors of content marketing have been pushed aside there are still many which have gained in favour.  In this piece our editor at Brick technology discuss what is hot and what is not in regards to content marketing in 2012.

Crowdsourcing is going to play a key part this year for content creation. A key move which emphasised this point was when AOL purchased the Huffington Post which relied heavily on crowdsourcing for its content. This marked a turning point; suddenly it has become acceptable for businesses to have people create content for free or very low pay and in return they get online exposure.

Many businesses are now using consumer crowdsourcing and one of the main ways this is being done is through social networking sites such as Facebook where companies invite people to be friends with them, upload photos and videos and tag themselves creating the content for that particular company Facebook page.

Crowdsourcing is going to be big this year as budgets are tightened and this is a great way of generating free content for businesses online.

Another big thing you are going to be seeing a lot more of this year is brands as media. You are going to see brands publishing content which is very similar to content produced by media companies however, social media is going to play a huge role in this as more and more marketers and advertisers move from traditional marketing methods.

As more people realise that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are better platforms for advertising we are seeing these used rather than traditional marketing pitches. Socials are great because it connects a company with their online target audiences through informative content and various other information, photos, videos and special offers. Socials will define branded content online and with more mobile devices being purchased you need to ensure that any content is mobile friendly.

Our final what is hot pointer is perhaps the most important in regards to internet marketing and content marketing:

All roads must lead back to the same destination!

No matter what internet marketing or offline marketing you are doing they should all be linked into a harmonious relationship whereby they feed off one another. You need to ensure that customers can relate to your business and want to interact too. Content marketing is forever changing and it will continue to do so but staying focused on key aspects in 2012 will provide you with the necessary skills to be prepared for these changes.

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