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The essential GDPR guide

The essential GDPR guide

Join us on Thursday the 16th of November at 15:00 for the essential GDPR guide, what it means for your orga­nisa­tion.

The GDPR specifies the roles, processes and technologies orga­nisa­tions must have in place to ensure the personal data of EU residents is secure, accessible, is used approp­ri­ately and with consent. Its articles and principles set out a number of obligations you may need to address, including:

  • Data protection by design: Protect personal data against misuse at every stage of its life-cycle
  • Data minimization: Collect and keep as little personal data as possible
  • Right to be forgotten: Delete all of an individual's personal data on request
  • Data transfer and portability: Move an individual's personal data to another provider on request
  • Managing consent: Define specific uses cases when obtaining consent, retain proof of consent and delete data once the use case has ended
  • Seventy-two (72) hour breach notification: Determine the extent of a breach and notify the affected users
  • Integrity and availability: Restore access to personal data quickly following an outage or failure
  • Acco­un­ta­bility: Log and provide audit trails for all data consents, requests and remedial actions

To book in to this workshop, please call Maria on 01254 277190 or email