What are your important keywords for SEO?

Every business that has a web design online has a list of keywords which are important to them. But why are these keywords so important?

They could be brand names or words and phrases which show what the company or business is about. For instance Brick technology web design some of our keywords and phrases are:

The list could go on and on; these are the words however that we want to be ranked highly for within the search engine results when a user types them into the search bar. We do not want to be below the centre fold we want to be in that number one prime location!

Search Engine Optimisation is the battle which many web design companies fight on behalf of their clients. Although there are a number of pieces of SEO software which people may use to try and take position in these high ranking spots unfortunately they cannot create lasting positioning. It is through sheer hard work that high positioning is gained on the search engines.

Every single day our Internet Marketing Team at Brick technology works effortlessly to try and generate fresh news content, newsletters, press releases and other website updates which keep search engines coming back to a site and ultimately index more of your website pages. Thus your website visibility will increase too!

In the world of search engine optimisation though Brick technology regularly has people come to us and say... “I have found the same service cheaper elsewhere” and what we say is well you get what you pay for. All these web design companies offering cheap SEO services the way to look at it is they build a house without foundations and yes at a glance on finishing the house it will look fantastic but after a while it falls down. The same happens when they carry out SEO they do not to the hard work and “cement the foundations”.

Brick technology help to cement foundations so although it is around 3 months before you see any affect from our internet marketing services and SEO your achieved positioning on search engine results becomes hard to compete with because we have foundations in place.

For more information please contact Brick technology on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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