Website Launch - Smith Sutcliffe

Our latest website to launch http://­www.­smith-sutcliffe.­co.­uk/ is for a legal service provider which is based in Burnley, Lancashire.

What is Smith Sutcliffe?

As mentioned above the client is a legal service provider and they needed a website which looked professional yet had all the information regarding specific legal service areas, Residential Property, Personal Clients, Business and Family Problems.

For well over 125 years Smith Sutcliffe have been providing a legal service, John sutcliffe’s practice was started in 1875 and James Smith opened in 1884. Right up until 1998 the two firms remained separate, but the decision was made to join together and so, Smith Sutcliffe became one.

What Features on the Smith Sutcliffe Website?

The website features links to all their social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and their YouTube Channel.

You can keep up to date with their latest news, which is updated on a frequent basis. You can access free information concerning the specific legal services which they have on offer. Information about the team at Smith Sutcliffe, clients of Smith Sutcliffe can also login and access information regarding their personal problem, check the progress on this and check of any key dates which may be outstanding.

Furthermore to this, there is an associate login where intermediaries such as commercial and residential estate agents, surveyors, accountants and other financial advisors can obtain information on any matters which they are involved within.

However the associate login has been restricted so that this may only be accessed with the permission of the client.

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