Why this is a priority for your business? Web Development Chorley.

Why this is a priority for your business? Web Development Chorley.

Let’s face it, website services have dramatically changed how the business world works. Your website is on-show every second of the day, and you’re lucky if you get a few seconds to make a fantastic first impression. You know how vital it is to have a world-class business image, and how crucial the role your website plays in communicating your image and ethos- in comparison to your competitors. 

As you look into redeveloping your website, you may wonder why web development is important to the success of your business. How does it impact your customers?

Let’s look at a few reasons why web development is important for your business:-

‘Simple navigation’ 

Quite frankly, people are lazy and the accessibility of online shopping is much appreciated! When using your website, it must be a positive experience for the users; information should only be a click away. Typically, information on your website should be easy to access and have fast loading speeds to seriously compete with your adversaries in a saturated market. 

Subsequently, your website is required to offer ways to further aid navigation. 

Search boxes are great website tools to quickly direct customers to the product or service they require!  A search box is a fantastic tool as it gives the user independence and satisfies the ‘I want now’ attitude in modern consumerism. Search boxes make a website much more customer-centric, implementing the idea that your company focuses on the user’s needs. 

However, the search box also benefits you and the web developer by providing vital information for the growth of your website; such as the popular keywords and amount of user clicks. 

‘Search engine optimization (SEO)’

SEO is a fundamental aspect of your website’s success. With every website on the internet competing for the top spot on Google.  SEO uses parameters such as; title tags, use of keywords, and image optimization to see what can be developed into your website to help it flourish. 

By optimizing SEO it vastly improves the amount of organic traffic to your business and increases sales!  Organic traffic is the primary traffic to a website and is a large part of most businesses’ website performance.  It’s a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately getting users to complete a conversion or engagement. 

Client engagement is a key aspect of retaining loyal users and gaining new ones. 

‘Visual presentation’

Web development spices a website up, removing the old-fashioned and cumbersome method of purely text and data. 

Did you know that the human brain is the most efficient when it's dealing with visual content? 

Visuals have better recall rates and are processed 60,000 times faster than text. In content marketing, on average, a conversion happens after seven or more brand interactions.  

By working with a web developer, you can choose visual aids, guided by SEO, to help sell products or services without multiple pages of text- ensuring a clear, concise message. 

Nevertheless, web developers advise to not stifle your website with visual context as it can often look unprofessional and lowers your SEO ranking!

‘Lifetime clients’

As your business expands and explores more avenues, it’s fundamental to have loyal customers that help support and grow your business.

Metrics received from your site enable web developers to monitor the client’s activity, making it easier to highlight who’s consistently supporting the brand and why. 

Once your company has identified these traits you can use the information to employ creative ways to retain loyal customers and gain new ones!

A popular way of retaining customers is through rewards such as loyalty cards or gift vouchers- thanking them for their support. Rewards and gift cards can improve customer loyalty and value!  

‘Reaching out’

Customer retention is vital to your business. It’s more cost-effective to retain clients rather than gaining new clients. 

The main goal of establishing an enterprise is to grow the customer base and hence revenue.

To conclude, I’ve demonstrated the following ways to grow your business:-   

• Make your website easy to navigate.

• Use SEO to learn what your website requires to be successful.

• Add visuals to grab potential client’s attention.

• Retain life-long customers through rewards and engagement.

• Reach out to potential clients but remember retaining clients is more cost-effective. 

If you'd like to find out more, contact our Business Development Manager, Steven Mitchell 

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