Web Design the Considerations

As a highly experienced web design company, Brick technology is well aware of the various aspects which need to be considered by a web design company and the information which needs to be considered. We work closely with our clients which is why when you come for a consultation with us we will take the time to find out a number of things.

Can you describe your business in a few sentences for us please?

This is the easiest way in which we can gage what your company is about and what you actually do. Essentially we want to hear your elevator pitch and this information we will take in order to start thinking about what web design would be ideal for you. We need this perfect elevator pitch for use on your homepage too because people are not going to sit reading lots of information just to find out who you are and what you do.

Who are your main competitors?

We need to know your goals regarding who is out there who you want to be like and those within your field. It is also good at this design stage to take a look at competitor websites and to see what it is they are doing which is successful and then what it is they are doing which doesn’t work so you can avoid this. Brick technology carry out competitor analysis on behalf of our clients to work out who we will be battling with for those number 1 positions within the search engines.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

This is where we learn your unique selling point and thus this can aid us in future should you become an internet marketing client. However, this is great for putting on your website and can be something as simple as offering a free no obligation survey for instance although there are many other unique items which companies can offer.  We need to know what sets you apart from everyone else and why people should purchase from you over another company.

Who is your target market?

This is highly important when thinking about web design because a site which has been designed for children will be completely different to that designed for people over the age of 60. Specifically age, gender and annual income are factors which need to be considered so that the most appropriate site can be designed according to who it is you target.

What is the timescale for completion of the website?

Many customers come to us wanting web designs instantly and this simply isn’t possible because of the amount of work which goes into each of our websites from design, functi­ona­lities, emails, submissions and other extremely important aspects. It is important that we get it right and we will only deliver web designs which are of extreme high quality and ones which we are proud of. Where possible we can agree to a specific timescale providing this is reasonable.

What specific functionalities would you like included on your site?

Functionality is a key aspect of web design and thus it is important that this is given careful thought and consideration. Brick technology can advise our customers about what we think should be included regarding functionality but we also need to include what is important to you. so think about if you were your target audience and came to your website what would you expect to be able to find on there or do.

What keywords and phrases do you want to be found for?

What keyword or phrase would you want to be shown in the results for on say Google? if you are a retailer specialising in garden sheds it’s extremely unlikely you would like to be shown for the keyword “ladies makeup” therefore you need to identify these and then we can carry out research into which of these are the most lucrative and have the most traffic associated with them. These are the ones which we will go for and before long you will make that number one spot!

If you are thinking about web design then come to Brick technology, web design in Lancashire. Call us today on 01254 277190 or email hayley.pearson@brickweb.co.uk and book your no obligation consultation.

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