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Brick technology Web Design Lancashire create and maintain a huge variety of websites for our many clients. The Brick technology reputation for success that has allowed us to build such a large, diverse and highly-regarded client portfolio has been carefully built onto the core foundation of our belief as designers of content-managed websites - every business is unique and therefore requires a completely customised web design service to best represent them online.

Many of our clients are involved with e-commerce - using the internet to sell goods or services online. These clients are truly diverse, ranging from suppliers of children’s shoes to manufacturers of stainless steel that is used in major oil and gas plants around the world. E-commerce websites number in the millions and so it is testament to the quality of Brick Web Design Lancashire websites that many of them enjoy pole position on major search engines.

Achieving high rankings on search engines is of major importance to e-commerce websites and our experienced team utilise a variety of methods in powerful combinations to make sure this happens. From full social media integration and expert SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to personalised promotions and click campaigns, we get visitors flocking to Brick technology websites.

Once a person finds the site, the next job is making sure they want to stay there as long as possible. Again, Brick technology treat each business individually when creating its content managed websites, involving the client at every step to ensure that the optimal functional features and aesthetic design are achieved by our talented and creative web designers and developers.

The custom web design and development offered by Brickweb includes a comprehensive m-commerce package. The number of people using a mobile device to access the internet recently exceeded that of desktop users, highlighting the importance of making sure your website is mobile friendly. Our websites are adaptive and responsive, displaying perfectly on every device and holding the user’s attention.

A local company with a global reach, Brick technology are just as unique as every other business. Book a free consultation with our team today and find out how you could revolutionise your company’s online presence and visibility.

Call 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk and move forwards into the digital future side-by-side with us. Web Design Lancashire - Brick are Best!
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