Web design is one thing maintaining it is another!

Web design is one thing maintaining it is another!

At Brick technology on a day to day basis we please our clients by designing brilliant websites, jam packed full of exciting and extremely useful features right at your fingertips! The web design may well be perfect down to the very bones; however what people are failing to understand that this is only the beginning!

It is like having a beautiful garden, but if it isn't maintained then weeds will grow and it will start to look untidy, messy and unprofessional! Websites work on the same principle.

Maintaining your website

The real work comes when you are handed over the website, because it requires more than just a quick once over every now and again to make it work. Maintaining your site is of the highest importance if you want to create an impacting online presence. Designating a certain person and a certain amount of time to ensuring that your site’s content, news feeds, socials and landing pages are kept bursting with new information.

News feeds are a great, easy way of making your site look fresh! It is disappointing when you enter a website and their latest news is from months ago. Not only does it make you look like you haven’t been doing anything but it is unprofessional. There will be a range of events going on in both your business and your industry – so let people know about it!

Linking can be embedded throughout the text where appropriate which can direct people to various other pages on your website, meaning that if you engage and get them interested then they will spend more time on your site. Engaging with site visitors improves their experience, increasing the chances that they will actually return.

Put yourselves into the shoes of your target audience!

We all know the types of people that we want to be accessing our websites and ultimately the result that we want to gain from their visit. But can you just for a few minutes ignore that it is your website, put all bias aside and actually put yourself into their shoes.

Take a different angle to web design

Go through your website, test out buttons, fill out the forms, click to play the videos etc make sure that everything is performing as you want it too. Make some notes about things that you like and dislike as well as things that you think could be done slightly differently.

Further to this get a group of different people to test run your website and get their views. Doing this on a regular basis, take the feedback and actively sit down and discuss the changes. Implement suitable changes and this will ensure that the website is user friendly.

Don’t be a dormant website

For more information about web design and web development as well as information about content management take a look at our website or contact us.

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